Tested And Trusted Success Secrets Of The Rich And Famous

Tested And Trusted Success Secrets Of The Rich And Famous

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How do we learn in life? We can learn from people’s mistakes. We can also learn from the things they’ve done right. In other words, we can learn from other people’s experiences. Ultimately, experience – ours or others’ – is a great teacher. Strange as it may sound, we can learn our way to success. All we need to do is dream and set out to live our dream by learning from others.

Success comes from hard work. Success comes from smart work. Success comes from turning failure inside out. Success comes from never giving up when you are fully persuaded in your mind that you are in the right direction. The potholes may dishearten you, but you don’t turn back. The distance does not blur your vision. The distractions do not discourage you.

As long as we get the proper definition of success – for instance, living our dream in spite of all obstacles – we are already on our way to success! Success is both a journey and a destination. You are living in it and there is no end to it. You keep going and keep going until you draw your last breath. And to make the story of success sweeter, there is a successor or successors! Success, true success, is therefore an unending story.

In this book by Azuh Arinze, Tested and Trusted Success Secrets of the Rich and Famous, we encounter the story of success in different shades and colours. Success is not just about money, it is about meeting needs, solving problems, putting smiles on the faces of the people. We hear these traits and attributes directly from the horses’ mouths. Short and sharp. Every personality interviewed by Azuh has a nugget on the story of success. There is something, no matter how little, to learn from everyone.

For instance, Alhaji Aliko Dangote – Nigeria’s foremost industrialist and the richest black African, according to Forbes – draws a line between making money and enjoyment. Both don’t go hand-in-hand, he says; so make money first and enjoy later. In other words; be focused, go for the goal and other things will come your way.

In another instance, Cosmas Maduka talks about passion and will power. Say you can, say you can’t – whichever way you choose, you’ll have it. “Passion is the fuel of the will,” he says. His is an extraordinary story of rags to riches. So, when he talks you just have to listen.

This book offers us as much variety as we could wish. There are 72 interviewees from across every sphere of life. You find the old as well as the young. You can choose to take lessons from the past or the present. The world may be changing fast, but the principles of success, true success, do not change. You find the property dealer and the food vendor. You find men and women. The journalist and the politician. The clergy and the entertainer. It’s a potpourri, the variety that spices life.

This book by Azuh should make us learn and think. Learn from others. Think about others’ success stories. And more. Much more.