CEO's Cover Vol. 2

The CEO’s Bible Volume 1- Azuh Arinze

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Product Description

The CEO’s BIBLE is an extraordinary work that shares valuable success lessons with readers. Apart from bringing different successful people to a touching distance, the book also leads readers through their uncommon paths to success. A unique piece of writing, no doubt, the author, in an unprecedented and remarkable manner, brings under one roof, leading lights in big business, politics, law, religion, marketing communications, royalty and the media. The book also profiles big players in public service, music and entertainment, entrepreneurship, the corporate world and other professions.

What is easily noticeable even as the reader navigates the first few pages, is the author’s exceptional and delightful question and answer format which lays bare, the real issues around success. His subjects, high-flying achievers and pacesetters, also offer insightful experiences and life tools for anybody hungry for success. And for the discerning reader, the author’s thought-provoking encounters with these men and women of distinction are capable of changing lives permanently for good. 

The CEO’s BIBLE (Conversations with top executives on starting, sustaining and standing out in business) equally has very important things to say about knowledge, diligence, friendship, consistency, hard work, resilience, persistence and good-breeding. The book interrogates the reader with questions that border on identity, self-realization, response to new things and ideas, the right mental attitude and how to create that fabulous life the reader has always wanted.

In all, THE CEO’s BIBLE is timely and relevant, especially in this new world of knowledge-driven economy. No reader will likely encounter the book without gaining fresh perspectives on success and failure. This is necessarily so because the book has answers to the reason some people and businesses succeed, while others fail even under corresponding circumstances. It is indeed a book for all seasons. Read it, keep it!