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It’s already five years since we launched Nigerian Entertainment Today, the multi platform ‘newspaper’ that reinvented how entertainment and celebrity lifestyle is covered in Nigeria. When our website launched on November 23, 2009, to be followed by the weekly paper on April 26, 2010, it was the beginning of many things: an opportunity to deliver a 24 hour channel for entertainment news in a country where you had to wait for the weekend pages. It was also an opportunity to determine whether indeed Nigerians cared for the kind of content we believed in or indeed, if it was possible, as we thought, to gather the kind of content that would sustain this kind of platform. Today, this is where we are: kicking off yet another venture, a travel into books. Many regularly read our content online and offline. But even more are those who may never have had the opportunity. Many have desired to have some particular contents in their libraries, in a format that supports storage. And there are those who just want company at home or on the go, and they deserve that little friend to talk to, that silly book to chat with ‘just for a couple of minutes’. That’s what you have – the NET Book Series, starting with ‘Wanderings’, is a book of entertainment to keep at home or take with you. Wanderings of a Rapidly Degenerating Mind is a careful collection of the greatest pieces by Chris who is not only an accomplished writer and filmmaker, but also the chairman of the editorial board of Nigerian Entertainment Today. As the title already tells you, the gentleman is not at all gentle. Not at all ‘well’. These are some of the works that made people insult him on Twitter; caused some to befriend him Facebook and made many decide he had a knot missing somewhere. The pieces are as varying as Chris’s interests, but the style, uniquely his. And it’s that style. I believe, that transforms every writing, from just another article, another column, into a movie – something that grabs you by the collar and makes you sit on the edge of you chair, until the final full stop. You know, something that makes you ask ‘oh, did he just say that?’ ‘Does that mean what I think it does?’ ‘Wait! OMG!’. And to be honest, most of these articles even have ‘Part 2’ and ‘Part 3’.


Chris is not well, I swear!


ATG, Lagos, Nigeria April 17, 2015.


Author: Chris Ihidero


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